Never lose sight of your animals with our remote herd monitoring solution. Our collars let you know where your cattle are at any time. Beyond location monitoring, you will also receive valuable information on the health of your animals: temperature, activity and even calving.

Our solution

Location monitoring

Supervision and alerts

Health monitoring

Reduced operational costs

Birth and activity monitoring

Works in off the grid zones


Several Solutions
We offer a solution adapted to your animals: sheep, cows, horses, goats.


Personalized Study
Each herd is different, as is the area in which it wanders. We therefore carry out a study of pasture areas to offer you the best solution.


Virtual Fence
Define your herd's virtual enclosure and be alerted when an animal leaves the area.


Costs reduction and increased productivity
Our solution allows you to save time on a day-to-day basis in monitoring your animals.

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Pastoral Heritage

Thanks to our solutions and a close collaboration with our partners, we support pastoral traditions and facilitate the development of new activities.

  • Perpetuate a thousand-year-old tradition of transhumance listed as a UNESCO World Heritage
  • Support the production of local goods
  • Avoid the production and transport of tonnes of fodder
  • Preserve the maintenance of mountain pastures
  • Encourage the installation of young shepherds
  • Prolong the activity of ancient shepherds