Connect farmers.

Do you have installations in a dead zone? Need to follow your herds?
Insufficient internet connection?

Connectivity, on your farm.

We put our telecommunications experience at your service. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to determine the technology that will offer you the best bandwidth based on the geographical location of your facilities or offices.

Available technologies

Ultra high-speed satellite

High-speed satellite

3G / 4G amplification

IoT bubble (Sigfox, LoRa)

Follow your herds, remotely.

Never lose sight of your animals thanks to our remote herd monitoring offer. Our collars let you know where your cattle are at any time.

More than a collar

Connected collars allow you to locate your herds in real time. You can also be alerted when they cross a virtual fence. No need to come to the site anymore.

Beyond the position monitoring, you will also receive information on the health of your animals: temperature, activity and even calving.

Statistics on the activity of your animals and grazing areas will allow you to reduce your costs by optimizing your operation.

Our services

Discover our ecosystem of innovative services specially designed for farmers.

You have a specific request? A service you need? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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LeanConnected with you, everywhere.


Replay the movements of your animals.


Optimize the use of your summer pastures.


Follow all of your herds.

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A new perspective on your farm.

The visualization platform allows you to control and consult all of our solutions remotely. You will have a perspective on your exploitation thanks to advanced statistics.


Get an overview of all your exploitation from a personalized dashboard.

Thanks to the collected data, understand how your animals evolve on grazing areas: positions, movements, activity.

Consult all the images and videos in a few clicks.

Pastoral Heritage

Thanks to our solutions and a close collaboration with our partners, we support pastoral traditions and facilitate the development of new activities.

  • Perpetuate a thousand-year-old tradition of transhumance listed as a UNESCO World Heritage
  • Support the production of local goods
  • Avoid the production and transport of tonnes of fodder
  • Preserve the maintenance of mountain pastures
  • Encourage the installation of young shepherds
  • Prolong the activity of ancient shepherds