Internet for pros, everywhere.

Need to connect isolated offices? Do you want to monitor an industrial site remotely? Autonomous data collection station?

Bandwidth for work.

We put our telecommunications experience at your service. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to determine the technology that will offer you the best bandwidth based on the geographical location of your facilities or offices.

Available technologies

Ultra high-speed satellite

High-speed satellite

3G / 4G amplification

IoT bubble (Sigfox, LoRa)

Designed to last and withstand.

No matter the conditions, our stations never stop. We study each site to offer you a custom installation.

Industrial equipment

All of our stations and equipment have been designed and tested to operate and last in extreme conditions.

Our energy systems allow our stations to remain operational all year round.

To preserve the surrounding flora and fauna, the installation and maintenance of our stations are carried out with a minimum carbon footprint.

Our services

Discover our ecosystem of innovative services specially designed for professionals.

You have a specific request? A service you need? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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LeanConnected with you, everywhere.


An overview on your dashboard.


Get advanced statistics and browse all data.

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A new perspective on your operations.

The visualization platform allows you to control and consult all of our solutions remotely. You will have a perspective on your exploitation thanks to advanced statistics.


Get an overview of all your sites from a personalized dashboard.

From collected data, we generate advanced statistics that will allow you to detect trends on your sites and thus optimize your operations.

Consult all the images and videos in a few clicks.



Dam water intake, Pyrenees
Solar energy, internet, water level sensors, live alerts (overflow, floods, congestions), photo surveillance.


Dam water intake, Pyrenees
Photovoltaic panels, battery compartment and reinforced structure for extreme condition operation.


Dam water intake, Pyrenees
Internet access trough a satellite antenna.


Dam water intake, Pyrenees
Infrastructure supervision with wide angle photo shots.


Dam water intake, Pyrenees
Our stations are installed and maintained with a minimal carbon footprint to preserve the surrounding fauna and flora.

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