Connecting isolated territories

We open up isolated territories and populations thanks to our autonomous connection stations

Thanks to our advanced equipment, we can perform a network study (satellite, 3G, 4G, 5G, IoT) to determine the best technological solution according to your situation.

We provide connectivity even in territories without access to the grid. For this, we have developed a solar installation meeting the specific needs of each connection technology that we offer.

All our installations are designed to operate in the most extreme high mountain environments. Whether it is temperatures of -20º celsius, winds above 150km / h or a humidity rate of 100%, our equipment is hardened for these situations.

Our services

Whether you are an individual, a professional, a farmer or a local authority, our innovative solutions are tailored to your needs.


Connection for remote working

Photovoltaic electricity

Camera surveillance


Real time alerts (weather, floods, avalanches)

Photovoltaic electricity

Personnel safety

Various sensors and measurements

Camera surveillance


Herd tracking

Photovoltaic electricity

Predator surveillance

Animal activity monitoring

Reduced operating costs

Various sensors and measurements

Local Authorities

Connection for buildings and infrastructure

Photovoltaic electricity

Emergency phones

Traffic counting and monitoring


All of our stations are installed and maintained with a minimal carbon footprint to preserve the surroundings flora and fauna.

Installations and maintenances with a minimal carbon footprint

Stations without access to telecoms networks

Stations without access to the grid

Operation in extreme temperatures

Operation with very little sunshine

Operation in extreme mountainous conditions

Visualization Platform

Our autonomous solutions are directly linked to our data visualization platform.

Multiple visualization options adapted to your needs

Alerts sent as soon as an anomaly is detected

Access to photos, timelapse and videos


Discover some of the prizes we were awarded for our innovative and environmentally conscious solutions.

LeanConnected, finalist of the MyEuSpace competition

After months of work, we had the honor to be selected for the final of the MyEuSpace competition. As part of the Cassini program, the event rewarded the most innovative space startups with a prize pool of one million euros! Invited to Prague for the occasion, we had the chance to present our solution for…

Jury’s “Coup de coeur” | Innover à la Campagne

Last week, LeanConnected presented its solutions during the Innover à la Campagne contest. After several rounds, the jury awarded us the beautiful ‘Coup de Coeur du Jury’ prize. Superb encounters, great projects full of meaning and lasting humane values! We would like to thank all the members of the high-flying Jury for their kindness and…

Special Prize | Entrepreneurs en Estives

Last weekend LeanConnected took part in the mountain pasture climb on the Beille plateau. This superb initiative led by the department of Ariège, allowed us to present our solutions but above all, to connect and discuss with a dense network of entrepreneurs, tele-workers and farmers. Following this beautiful day, the jury awarded us its ‘Special…

LeanConnected Within the National Program TIGA

We are excited to bring connectivity to isolated territories. Discover the action we are carrying out, supported by the national TIGA program. Link: Video preview: LeanConnected

LeanConnected Joins Eticoop 2020

We are delighted to be selected in the Eticoop 2020 promotion! Discover the promotion with the link below: LeanConnected

Our Partners

Since its creation, LeanConnected has been strongly involved in the local network of companies, institutions and universities.